Direct selling is the house-to-house selling, offering for sale or soliciting orders for the sale of goods and services. This includes sales made by individuals who sell at parties you host in your home and by salespeople who knock on your door. In some cases, sales made by an individual who asked to come to your home, such as a visit arranged by a telemarketing call, would be considered direct selling.

Direct sellers are required, with some exceptions, to be licensed and bonded under the Direct Sellers Act and to carry this licence with them, proving that he or she is associated with a licensed company. These licences are non-transferrable.  As part of this licensing process direct sellers must undergo a criminal record check. This helps protect consumers by providing a screening process for individuals entering your home.

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Direct sellers

Direct sellers (or door-to-door salespersons) are required to be licensed and bonded under the Direct Sellers Act. Use this document to find out more about direct sellers.

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