Avoiding Insurance Fraud

Insurance scams can take many forms. Here are a few tips on how to avoid them:

  • Beware of any email message that claims to be from your insurance company that asks you to confirm or give certain personal information. This could be a scam to obtain information about your personal finances and could lead to identity theft.

  • Do not pay your premiums through a money transfer or money wiring service. This is not a normal practice and could be a scam to get you to buy fake insurance.

Click the button below to report any suspicious or unlicensed activity:

Source: Understanding Insurance Basics, page 2-27, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, 2012. Reproduced with the permission of the Commissioner of Financial and Consumer Agency of Canada, 2013.  

The FCNB does not endorse any designation or profession. You should always verify the personís qualifications before seeking advice. It is critical that you check an individualís registration or licence status, and the types of products or services they are registered or licensed to sell.

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