Investing is a long journey filled with twists and turns before you reach your destination. This path is often littered with traps designed to catch unwary investors.


New types of investment scams appear every day. You can be approached over the phone, in person, through a spam email, or through Internet web pages. If an investment you’re interested in raises any of the red flags below – STOP! This might be an investment scam. We are here to help, contact us or file a complaint online.


Most investment scams are a variation on one of these common scams:


Become a Master of Spotting Fraud (English)

كن خبرياً يف اكتشاف عمليات اإلحتيال

Become a Master of Spotting Fraud (Arabic)

Recognizing and avoiding a fraud or scam protects your own financial future, but it is critical that once you recognize a fraud or scam, you protect those more vulnerable by reporting the fraud attempt.