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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week
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Cybersecurity while traveling
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Cybersecurity while traveling
When getting ready to go on a vacation or business trip, it is important to keep in mind that you are still a target for cyber criminals.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe during your travels:
    • Back up the information on your computer before you travel. That way if you lose your equipment, you wonít lose all your information.
    • Carry your portable device in an inconspicuous bag. Flashy, branded or logo bags and expensive cases draw attention to your device. Remember to never leave your device unattended.
    • Keep in mind that Wi-Fi networks in public places like coffee shops, libraries or airports are not secure. Never send personal information through public Wi-Fi and disable the connection when youíre not using it.
    • Donít announce in online status updates when youíre going away on vacation, when youíve made a big purchase or events that mention your address. You may also want to delete online posts from friends who mention these things to avoid the possibility of your home being robbed while youíre away.
    • Be aware of the risks when tagging the location of the photos you share on social media. This lets people know where you are. If you feel the need to tag the location of a photo, a safer option would be to post the photo with the tagged location after youíre safely home.

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