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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week
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How to safely use Internet banking and investing
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How to safely use Internet banking and investing

Cybercriminals will go to extreme measures to get access to your banking information. Once they have access to it, there’s nothing stopping them from taking out a loan in your name, buying a new car, or even applying for a mortgage. They also know that financial institutions use extreme measures to protect your information. So they phish, spy and hack their way into your information from other sources, piecing together what they need to access your financial accounts.

Keep a close eye on your financial accounts on a regular basis. Follow these safety tips to ensure a safer banking experience:

  • Create a strong password that is unique from your other accounts.
  • Make sure to  use secure websites. Websites that start with https:// or shttp:// use higher security measures than ones that begins with http:// (“s” means “secure”).
  • Always type in your banking information versus using the autofill.
  • Don’t use a public Wi-Fi or public computers for sending sensitive or personal information.
  • When you are finished, close your browser, clear your history and cache, and disconnect from the Internet.
  • Be suspicious if you get an email from a financial institution asking for your personal information.  Remember: legitimate financial institutions will never ask for your personal information in an email.
  • Don’t believe everything you read in online newsletters, investing blogs or bulletin boards. Fraud artists often float false information and “hot tips” as part of their efforts to rip off investors or manipulate the market for a particular security.
  • Knowledge is power. Be aware of the latest frauds and scams. For a full current list, visit our list of frauds and scams page.

For more information on investing, please visit our Savings and Investing page.

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