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Social media – a hackers’ favourite target (Part 1)
by FCNB on 

Social media – a hackers’ favourite target

(Part 1)

Did you know that there are more than three billion active social networks users worldwide? This is why cyber attackers love social media.

Users that spend a lot of time on social networks are more likely to click links posted by trusted friends − a behaviour hackers use to their advantage.

Here are some of the most common types of cyberattacks directed at social media platforms:

  • Like-jacking: occurs when criminals post fake Facebook “like” buttons to webpages. Instead of “liking” the page, the user unknowingly downloads malware.
  • Link-jacking: a practice used to redirect one website’s links to another. Hackers use this to redirect users from trusted websites to malware- infected websites that hide drive-by downloads or other types of infections.
  • Phishing: the attempt to acquire personal information such as usernames, passwords, etc. by disguising itself as a trustworthy friend. Find out more about phishing here.
  • Social spam: unwanted spam content appearing on social networks and other websites with user-generated content (comments, chat, etc.). It can appear in different forms, including bulk messages, insults, hate speech, fraudulent reviews, fake friends and personally identifiable information.

Find out how these cyberattacks affects you and what you can do to protect yourself in next week’s post.

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