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Baby it's cold outside - Layer up
by FCNB on 

Baby itís cold outside Ė Layer up

Layering up your login also known as multi-factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication), which is a free feature available n the settings of your favorite social networks, banking site, etc.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is an additional layer of protection beyond your password. It significantly decreases the risk of a hacker accessing your online accounts by combining your password with a second factor, like your mobile phone.

There are dozens of options you can choose from to protect your accounts, but most websites rely only on a few.

Here are the top three types of multi-factor authentication options:

  1. Password: A strong password is your first layer of defense. With this in place, youíre ready to add an extra layer of protection.
  2. Fingerprint ID: Available on most smartphones and many laptops, fingerprint scanning is a great way to keep your device locked only to you.
  3. Single-use code: A single use code is either sent to your phone or your email address, which generally, only you have access to. 

This extra layer of protection will keep you warm through the cold winter months and all year long.

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