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The Mortgage Brokers Act (Act) sets out a licensing regime for parties who broker or administer mortgages. There are four licence types set out in the legislation: mortgage brokerage (brokerage), mortgage associate (associate), mortgage broker (broker), and mortgage administrator (administrator).

Associates and brokers acting on behalf of a brokerage have a duty to act fairly, honestly and in good faith in all of their activities. There are also additional obligations when acting for borrowers or for private investors.

The Act provides for meaningful disclosure to borrowers and investors in mortgages to protect consumers from inappropriate conduct, including conflict of interest and predatory lending practices, to ensure the mortgage product is appropriate.


Associates and brokers are required to meet minimum educational requirements.  This is to ensure licence holders have the skills and expertise required to act on behalf of borrowers and investors and to protect their interests.

To assist those working for brokerages and administrators in gaining an understanding of the legislation, FCNB has developed the following bulletins, guidelines and overviews of the licensing and compliance requirements:


Bulletin 2018-006 2019 Mandatory Continuing Education
Bulletin 2018-005 Replacing 2017-002 effective 1 October 2018
Bulletin 2018-001 Annual Filing Requirements
Bulletin 2017-001 Annual Filling Requirements
Bulletin 2017-002 Reporting a change in circumstances
Bulletin 2017-003 Annual Filing Requirements
Bulletin 2017-004 Advertising and Correspondence


Guidelines to Rule MB-001 – Mortgage Brokers Licensing and Ongoing Obligations (PDF) - Updated 16 March 2016

Guidelines to Rule MB-001

Regulatory Instruments

RULE MB-002 Fees (Consolidated up to 1 October 2018)
RULE MB-001 Licensing and Ongoing Obligations (Consolidated up to 1 October 2018)



RULE MB-002 Fees (Adopted 1 April 2016)
RULE MB-001 Licensing and Ongoing Obligations (Adopted 1 April 2016)


Amendments and Notices

1 October 2018 Amendment Instrument to RULE MB-002
1 October 2018 Amendment Instrument to RULE MB-001
1 October 2018 Notice of Adoption of Amendments

1 April 2016 Blanket Order MB
15 December 2015 - Notice of Adoption


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