The Pre-Arranged Funeral Services Act regulates the sale of pre-arranged funeral plans. A pre-arranged funeral is an agreement  where a funeral provider contracts to provide funeral services for a person alive at the time the agreement is entered into, which is paid for in advance as a lump sum payment or through installments.

When consumers purchase a pre-arranged funeral plan, the funeral provider must use a standard form of contract (Form 2 - Standard form of pre-arranged funeral plan), issued by the Consumer Affairs Division, to ensure that all the essential information is disclosed to the consumer. The funeral director must provide a receipt when the payment is made and must also provide proof of deposit to show that the funds have been deposited in trust, in the consumer's name, at a financial institution.  

The Act provides the purchaser with a 7-day cancellation period, in which the consumer will not be charged a cancellation fee.  

The Pre-arranged Funeral Services Act requires that the Funeral Provider (Funeral Home) and a Manager (Licensed Funeral Director) hold a valid licence to offer this service.  The Funeral Provider must employ or contract a Manager to act on its behalf for each location at which the Funeral Provider carries on business in the Province. The licensed Manager will represent the licensed Funeral Provider in all matters relating to its licensed activities under the Act.  

Applicants wishing to obtain a Funeral Providerís Licence under the Pre-Arranged Funeral Services Act must:

  • Register the business with Service New Brunswickís Corporate Registry. If the business is using more than one business name, these names must also be registered. For more information please contact Service New Brunswick at (506) 453-2703.
  • Submit a copy of the trust agreement made between the Funeral Provider and a Financial Institution.
  • Submit a licensing fee of $250, payable to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission.
  • As part of the annual filing requirement, the Funeral provider must submit a completed Form 1 - Report on Pre-arranged Funeral Plans by 31 March.

Applicants wishing to obtain a Managerís Licence under the Pre-Arranged Funeral Services Act must:

  • Submit a completed and signed Application for Funeral Manager's Licence.
  • Submit proof that the applicant is licensed as a Funeral Director under the Embalmers, Funeral Directors and Funeral Providers Act.
  • Submit a licensing fee of $250, payable to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission.

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