Believe it or not people don’t spend their money just because they want (or need) “stuff”.  Your values are what drive almost every financial decision you make. The things you consider most important in life – things like happiness, health, freedom or security, to name a few.  Here are some examples of what people have been telling us about how they spend money based on their values:



FreedomMy Car


Treat my best friend to dinner
SecurityMy House
HealthMy exercise bike

We buy “stuff” because it’s tied to something important to us.  Your goals should work the same way.  By tying them to your values, you will be motivated to make a plan to achieve them, and more importantly, to stick to the plan! These 3 things are crucial to financial planning: your values, goals and plans.

Your Financial Plan

Financial planning will help you figure out your current money situation and how to find the money to get where you want to be financially. A financial professional can help you put together a comprehensive financial plan that is detailed and includes information about things like:

  • your current financial situation
  • tax and estate planning
  • insurance
  • current and future sources of income, and
  • investments and risk tolerance

Risk tolerance is an important factor in the investment planning process. In investing, the higher the potential return, the higher the risks. So, if you want higher returns, you have to be prepared to accept the risks that go along with them.


Your tolerance for risk may depend on:

  • Whether you’re more concerned about keeping your money safe or seeing higher growth
  • When you need your money
  • How you react to the ups and downs of the markets
  • What debt you have
  • What other sources of income you have to fall back on


Your ability to take on risk is key to finding out what investment products may work for you. Try our Investment Planning Workbook to help with your Financial Plan.

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Investment Planning Workbook

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