Task Force on Protecting Pensions

A number of pension plans across North America are facing significant funding deficit issues. Many plans as they presently exist are not sustainable in the long term. New Brunswick is not immune to these challenges. The government of New Brunswick has introduced a new pension model to address these issues.

Please click on the links to the government of New Brunswick website for more information about the task force and the new model.

Task Force on Protecting Pensions
"As you may know, a number of private and public pension plans in New Brunswick and across Canada are facing funding deficit issues. In an effort to address these issues, the Government of New Brunswick appointed a task force of experts to examine the long-term stability and security of pensions in New Brunswick and to recommend steps government might take to improve them for the benefit of all members."

"The new pension model, developed in collaboration with union leadership, offers an innovative way to address these issues now, before it is too late. 

This model will offer New Brunswickers the best protection possible for their hard-earned pension savings and reduce liabilities for all taxpayers.

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