The following undertakings have been requested because the parties listed below appeared to have been engaged in unregistered activity or have otherwise violated securities law. The parties have agreed to discontinue activities described in the undertaking voluntarily.

Failing to comply with an undertaking is a serious offence under the Securities Act. If you believe that a person or company has violated an undertaking listed here, you should contact us.

Marie France Dayan 2014-04-15
Richard A Scott 2014-03-03
David S Oliver 2013-07-19
Stephen D Hove 2013-07-15
Cognitiv Inc 2013-07-15
Michael Lewis 2013-07-15
Secured Precious Metals International Inc 2012-03-26
Action Twenty Ltd 2012-03-23
James Edward VanBlaricum 2012-10-30
Texas Energy Management 2012-10-30
Kevin Joseph Surette 2012-09-14
Forex Global Solutions Inc 2012-04-30
Falcon Petroleum Resources 2012-03-23
Managed Petroleum Group Inc 2012-01-23
Global Med Technologies Group Inc 2011-01-25
Gulf Shine Mining Inc 2011-03-17

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