Youth Money Management

Calling all teachers!

Help your students form responsible money habits and build the knowledge and skills they will need to make smart financial decisions throughout their lives!   Invest in your student’s financial education by:

  • Booking a free presentation. Our Education Coordinator will visit your classroom to talk to your students about setting goals, budgeting, the value of money and more! You’ll receive content that is relevant to your students because our presentations are tailored for each grade and classroom. Presentations are 1 hour long with time for discussion and questions, but can be adapted to the needs of your class. Contact us  to book your free presentation today!


  • Downloading a copy of “Make it Count!”, a free program that provides activities, tips and lesson plans that makes teaching financial  literacy fun and easy!

Make it Count!
Make It Count: A Parent's Guide to Youth Money Management
Wherever you’re at, Make it Count provides activities and tips to help with youth money management.  

Make It Count engages parents and youth, and teaches responsible budgeting, saving and debit card use. It also gives parents ideas on how to discuss smart money decisions with their children.

Make it count provides activities, tips and lesson plans to help you incorporate youth money management into your course of instruction. Virtually every subject offers opportunities to expose students to money management situations!

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