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Damage Appraiser

Any person who acts as a damage appraiser must hold a licence. Offering, promising, or attempting to act or claiming in any manner to be authorized to act as a damage appraiser is considered acting as a damage appraiser. Full details regarding eligibility requirements, limitations and authority of each licence type can be found in the Damage Appraisers Regulation – Insurance Act.

Application process

First-time applicants wishing to obtain a Damage Appraiser Licence under the Insurance Act must meet the following conditions:

  • submit a completed application via the FCNB Self-Serve Portal
  • attach a completed Criminal Record Check, conducted at a detachment of the RCMP or a municipal or provincial police force, or an approved background check vendor, which has been issued in the last six months
  • If the applicant is working for a corporation other than an insurer, that corporation must be registered. This is a requirement under the New Brunswick Business Corporation Act, which states that any extra-provincial corporation conducting business in New Brunswick must register. Information available at In compliance with the above mentioned Act, an applicant’s insurance licence cannot be issued for an unregistered corporation
  • must meet requirements and qualifications
  • submit the applicable licensing fee, payable to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission

Expiration date

All damage appraiser licences expire annually on September 30.

Fee schedule

Damage Appraisers                            $25.00


Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience in automobile repair and automobile body work. Other experience and qualifications presented to this office as equivalent may be taken into consideration.