Notice  As of November 2016, FCNB will only accept online applications from applicants seeking a licence as an agent, broker, adjuster or damage appraiser. Online applications may be submitted at . Applicants requiring computer access to the portal may use the terminal provided at each of our office locations.


Expiry Dates

New Brunswick agent and broker licences expire on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th or December 15th, whichever is closest to the anniversary of the date the licence was issued without exceeding one year. Agents and brokers who have renewed their licence at least five times, who have not had disciplinary action against them and/or do not have conditions on their licence for any reason may be eligible for a two-year licence.

Level 1 and Level 2 adjuster licences expire at the end of the month of the anniversary of the issuance or renewal of the licence.  All Level 3 and Level 4 adjuster licences expire on June 30th each year.

All damage appraiser licences expire annually on September 30th.

Insurer licences expire annually on May 31.

Renewal Process

As of November 2016, all applications for renewal must be submitted through our online portal.


FCNB Self-Serve Portal


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