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FCNB supports the financial well-being of New Brunswickers with free, unbiased and reliable information on a variety of financial literacy topics through our in-person and virtual presentations. We offer workplace, classroom and community presentations that cover financial literacy topics from budgeting and investing to fraud prevention. Book yours today! 

Adult presentations

All of our presentations are available in French or English and all resource material has been created in both official languages.


*NEW* Cryptocurrency: The Hype and the Risks
Smart Saving
Smart Saving - Investing Basics
DIY investing.
DIY Investing
Invest in yourself.
Invest in Yourself: A Women’s Guide to Building Financial Resilience
Stay Out of Fraud's Reach
Stay Out of Fraud’s Reach
Recognizing Financial Exploitation.
Recognizing the Signs of Financial Exploitation
Smart Spending
Smart Spending & Consumerism
Budgeting 101
Budgeting 101
Youth presentations

The topics and activities are chosen based on the grade level and age of the students. Each presentation runs typically from 45mins to an hour, depending on the school period schedule.

Each teacher also receives our free Make It Count Guide which is designed to offer lessons and activities that correspond directly to the curriculum outcomes for the province. There is a guide at the back of the book that matches the lesson to specific outcomes across a variety of subjects including math and social studies as a few examples.


Elementary School
Elementary – (grades 2-5)
Middle School
Middle School – (grades 6-8)
High School
High School – (grades 9-12)
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