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A cooperative is an organization incorporated under the Cooperatives Act by three or more persons, or by one or more cooperatives that intend to be members. A cooperative is jointly owned by a group of people (members) seeking to satisfy common needs such as access to products or services, sale of products or services, or employment.

A cooperative is organized and operated in a collaborative way, and it is the members who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions about the cooperative.

The Financial Institutions division is responsible for the regulation and the incorporation of cooperatives in the province, according to the Cooperatives Act of New Brunswick.

Before starting your cooperative, you may want to consult with professional advisors in accounting, business, finance, legal and other fields.

About the by-law builder 

Our online by-law builder allows you to create by-laws for your cooperative as required under the Cooperatives Act. You can customize the by-laws to better meet your cooperative’s needs. The by-law builder is meant as a tool only, and it is the cooperative’s responsibility to ensure that its by-laws meet its specific needs and comply with the Act and other applicable laws.

Build your by-laws