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Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

FCNB administers the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act on behalf of the Minister of Finance who is responsible for the appointment of individuals to act as commissioner of oaths (as detailed in the Act). A commissioner can administer oaths and take and receive affidavits, declarations, and affirmations within New Brunswick. The appointment as a commissioner is valid, unless revoked, for five years.

Those wishing to be appointed as a commissioner of oaths must complete and submit an application for appointment as a commissioner of oaths and a non-refundable $150 application fee, payable to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission. The standard application processing time is 10 business days after we receive a complete application. If expedited service (two business days for processing) is requested, the applicable fee is double ($300). Whether standard or expedited service is selected, we will follow our standard review processes and issue an appointment only to suitable applicants who have submitted a complete application.

This application fee does not apply to a person employed in the Civil Service as defined in the Civil Service Act if such appointment or renewal is made upon the recommendation of a deputy minister. A letter from their deputy minister must accompany the application for the fee to be waived.

Applicants must be a Canadian citizen who is at least 19 years of age and who is free of any criminal convictions relevant to the appointment.

All new applicants are required to attach a completed criminal record check, conducted at a detachment of the RCMP or a municipal or provincial police force, or an approved background check vendor, which has been issued in the last six months.

Once an application has been processed, the applicant will receive the Commissioner of Oaths Handbook. Applicants must study the handbook in order to pass the online examination. This examination must be completed within one year of the date of application.

If the Applicant scores 80% or higher on the examination, a Certificate of Competency will be emailed to FCNB by the Court of King’s Bench, Clerk of the Court. This Certificate of Competency is required before FCNB issues an appointment to the Applicant.

If the examination score is lower than 80%, the Applicant will be required to review the Handbook and take the online examination again in 3 days.

When a renewal application is filed after the last issued appointment has expired, the applicant must pay the renewal application fee ($150) plus a late fee equivalent to half of the application fee ($75).