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Check Licence and Registration

Who is working with you and your money?

Take a pause. Check licensing and registration.

Whether you’re getting a mortgage, buying insurance, making a purchase at your door or investing for your future, the professionals you deal with may need to be licensed or registered with FCNB.

While most of the people who work in these industries are fair and follow the rules, licensing and registration adds a layer of protection because FCNB will only register or license those that meet the requirements in the relevant Acts. This may include criminal background checks, education requirements, or more. Checking licensing and registration is a simple first step you can take to protect yourself.

Check licence and registration now


Who needs to be licensed?

Any individual who carries on the business of an insurance intermediary. This means any adjuster, agent, broker or special insurance broker. 

Any company who carries on the business of an insurance intermediary as an agency (which includes brokerages), managing general agent, or adjusting firm.  Businesses who offer incidental insurance coverage (e.g., GAP insurance, creditor insurance, funeral expense insurance, etc.) would require a restricted insurance representative licence.

It does not matter if the person lives in New Brunswick or not. If they do business in New Brunswick, they must be licensed with FCNB. This applies whether the business is done in person, in writing, or over the phone.

Licensees (not including adjusters) must be sponsored by an insurance company (called an “insurer”) that is licensed to conduct the same type of insurance business in New Brunswick.

Learn more about insurance in New Brunswick.

How can I check?

Search the insurer database
Search the agency (brokerage) and managing general agent database
Search the adjusting firm database
Search the agent (broker) and adjuster database
Search the restricted insurance representative database

Or contact FCNB directly.

Investment professionals

Who needs to be licensed or registered?

Any individual or firm who is in the business of advising or trading in securities or derivatives in New Brunswick must be registered with FCNB. Individuals must also be sponsored by a firm that is registered with FCNB. In some cases, an exemption may apply. Learn more about exemptions.

Depending on the type of services provided, an individual or firm may be required to be registered as an Adviser, Dealer or Investment Fund Manager. There are different categories of registration under each. The category of registration tells you what investment products or services an individual or firm can offer. Learn more about categories of registration.

Regardless of office location, an individual or firm must be registered with the securities regulatory authority in each province or territory where they do business, even if they don’t have a physical presence there.

How can I check?

Use the National Registration Search tool

View the list of registered crypto asset trading platforms in New Brunswick.

Or contact FCNB directly.

Mortgage Brokers

Who needs to be licensed or registered?

To broker or administer mortgages or be in the business of brokering mortgages in New Brunswick, an individual or business must be licensed with FCNB (unless an exemption applies).

There are four types of licences available: mortgage brokerage (brokerage), mortgage associate (associate), mortgage broker (broker), and mortgage administrator (administrator)

Depending on education and experience, an individual may be licensed as a mortgage broker or a mortgage associate.

Learn more about working with a mortgage broker.

How can I check?

Search the Mortgage Brokers Database
Search the Mortgage Brokerages Database

Contact FCNB directly.

Door-to-door sales

Who needs to be licensed or registered?

Direct sellers must be licensed and bonded with FCNB and must carry their licence with them.  They must be associated with a licensed company. 

Learn more about buying from a direct seller.

How can I check?

Ask to see the salesperson’s licence. 

Check that it is not expired, that the seller is representing the vendor specified in the licence, and that it has been signed by the Director of Consumer Affairs and the salesperson.

There are a few exceptions to the licence requirements.  If you are not sure if the individual should have a licence, check with FCNB before you do business with them.

Search the Direct Sellers Database

Debt Collection

Who needs to be licensed or registered?

Collection agencies and the individuals who work as collectors must be licensed with FCNB.

How can I check?

Contact FCNB directly.

Collection agencies and the individuals who work for them as collectors are prohibited from using certain collection practices. Learn more about Collection Agencies.

Payday Loans

Who needs to be licensed or registered?

No payday lender may offer, arrange, or provide payday loans to residents of New Brunswick without being licensed by FCNB.

Online payday lenders must also be licensed and follow the same rules as payday lenders with store front locations.

How can I check?

Search the Payday Lenders Database

Contact FCNB directly.

The Cost of Credit Disclosure and Payday Loans Act protects consumers by ensuring that the true cost of borrowing is accurately disclosed to them. The disclosure must be clear in any contractual documents as well as in any advertising. In addition to consumer loans and retail credit, this Act also applies to mortgages, credit card transactions, leases and lines of credit. Learn more about payday loans and managing credit.

Real Estate Professionals

Who needs to be licensed or registered?

Real estate agents, managers and salespeople operating in New Brunswick must  be licensed with FCNB and be members of the New Brunswick Real Estate Association (NBREA). Three types of licences are available: agent's licence, salesperson's licence and manager's licence. 

Learn more about working with a real estate professional. 

How can I check?

Search the Real Estate Agents Database
Search the Real Estate Salesperson and Managers Database

Contact FCNB directly.