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Website Disclaimer

Welcome to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB) website.  Please review the following terms for use of this site.  If you do not agree with these terms, please discontinue use of the site.

The information on this site is provided for educational and informational purposes only. While FCNB considers the information provided to be reliable at the time of posting, FCNB does not represent or warrant that it is complete, timely, or accurate. FCNB is not responsible for any damage however caused, which results from the use of this site.

As a regulatory agency, FCNB cannot provide financial or legal advice, but can help you get the information and resources.

FCNB furnishes all data and information products on this site with the understanding that neither FCNB, nor its contractors and employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information on the site.

Links to websites not under FCNB’s control, including those to our social media accounts, are provided for convenience and reference only. When you click on one of these links, you will leave the FCNB website and enter the other website. FCNB is not responsible for the information or the accuracy, currency, or reliability of the content on these sites. FCNB does not endorse the sites or their content.

Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, FCNB takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

Social Media Guidelines

We review and monitor our social media channels during regular business hours. We endeavour to read and respond to a comment within two (2) business days of receiving it. We may not be able to respond to every comment. Please note that by submitting a comment you are not engaging the FCNB to respond.

We expect participants to treat each other, FCNB, and FCNB employees with respect. We will remove comments that are deemed to be:

  • Anonymous
  • Vulgar, abusive, or offensive
  • Personal attacks and defamatory statements
  • Product promotions, advertising, or spam
  • Stock recommendations or promotions
  • Unsupported accusations
  • Off-topic
  • Confidential information, such as ongoing investigations or confidential filings
  • Unintelligible or irrelevant
  • Threats or promoting criminal activity
  • Violating someone’s privacy
  • Infringing copyright rules (this includes copying and pasting excerpts from other sites without permission and attribution)

We will remove your comment if it does not meet these guidelines.

If you continue to post comments that infringe our guidelines, we may block you from FCNB’s social media channels.

We do not engage in specific questions from the media through our social media channels. We ask members of the media to send questions and requests to:  

If you have a complaint or other question related directly to your own situation, please contact us directly.

Guidelines for Acceptable Use of FCNB Materials

The information and graphics in publications of FCNB are either (i) copyrighted by FCNB (ii) provided with the permission of the owner of the intellectual property rights or, (iii) believed to be in the public domain.

FCNB produces materials and programs for educational purposes. You may reproduce this information for personal, professional and educational use upon approval of FCNB and subject to certain terms and conditions.  

Permission to use FCNB materials or logo (in any format) may be obtained by mailing, emailing, or faxing a written request to:

Financial and Consumer Services Commission
Attn: Director Communications and Public Affairs
85 Charlotte Street Suite 300
Saint John NB E2L2J2

Telephone: 1 866-933-2222
Fax: (506) 658-3059

Please note that all requests for permission must be in writing. We do not grant verbal permission unless a written request has been received.

1. Requests to Use FCNB materials (in whole or part) in Another Work

The following information must be provided in your written request to use materials from an FCNB publication for republication in another work:

  • Title and FCNB publication number, Edition number, and/or Copyright year
  • Exact material, including page or figure numbers, for which permission is being requested (If not using the entire publication - please estimate the percentage of the publication you will be using in your new work)
  • Author(s) and title of the new work in which FCNB material will appear
  • Publisher and publication date of the new work in which FCNB material will appear
  • Intended audience for the new work
  • Approximate page count and approximate list price of the new work, if applicable
  • Format/media of the new work (ie print, electronic, etc.)
  • Table of contents, if available when submitting the request
  • Circulation/print run of the new work
  • If including this material in a seminar/presentation, include the number of attendees (if ongoing - include estimate for the year). Also include the cost to attend this seminar.
  • Territory and languages in which the new work will be distributed

2. Requests to Post FCNB Materials on a Website

Please provide the following information:

  • Title of the FCNB publication
  • Internal and/or external site - if internal site, include the number of employees accessing site
  • Website address

FCNB grants permission for one-time use only. New requests are required for subsequent editions, for reprints or excerpts, or for other uses of the materials.
FNCB processes permission requests within two weeks of receiving a written request that includes the required information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FCNB disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from the use of FCNB materials. FCNB shall not be liable for any financial or other consequences whatsoever arising from the use of FCNB materials, including the inappropriate, improper, or fraudulent use of such content.