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Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Bulletin: Recovery Pitch: Investment Scams


This bulletin was prepared to provide information on investment recovery pitch scams, which target Canadians who have previously been victimized.

In this type of scam, fraudsters retain a list and contact previous investment scam victims by telephone, email, social media or will use search engine optimization and claim that they can return the funds the victim lost in a previous investment scam. Fraudsters will tell victims that there is a fee for their services and, in some cases, will ask for remote access to the victim’s computer or device. In the end, no funds are returned to the victim and more funds are potentially stolen.

Warning signs - How to protect yourself

  • If you've been a victim of fraud, fraudsters may target you again with a promise to get your money back.
  • Never be afraid to hang up the phone.
  • Never allow an unknown person to gain remote access to your computer/device.
  • Always have your computer/device serviced by a reputable local business.
  • Never pay an advance fee to obtain a refund.
  • Remember that search engine optimization refers to the ability to have websites appear in the first results of an online search.
  • Don't assume the top results mean companies are legitimate.
  • If you had provided personal information or have granted remote access to your computer, follow these steps to protect yourself from identity fraud.
  • Learn more tips and tricks for protecting yourself.

Anyone who suspects they have been the victim of cybercrime or fraud should report it to their local police and to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s online reporting system or by phone at 1-888-495-8501. If not a victim, you should still report the incident to the CAFC.