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Insurance Bulletin 2024-02 – Exemption of Fee Payable for Second or Subsequent RIR Licence Application Claims

Bulletins and notices.

In accordance with section 3.1(1) of the Insurance Act, the Superintendent of Insurance exempts the fee payable by a Restricted Insurance Representative (RIR) applicant for a second or subsequent RIR licence application in subsection 2(4) of Rule INS-002 Insurance Fees where:  

  • The only licensing requirement in subsection 35(1) of Rule INS-001 Insurance Intermediaries Licensing and Obligations that differs from the applicant’s primary RIR licence application is paragraph 35(1)(c), the applicant’s sponsoring insurer.      

Please refer to Blanket Order INS-2024-02 for more information about this exemption.  

For any questions about this bulletin, contact the Insurance Division of FCNB at 866-933-2222 or