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Notice: Commission invites regulated sectors to participate in 2024 survey, releases 2023 survey findings

A businessman filling out an online survey using a tablet.

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission is inviting professionals working within its regulated sectors to complete our 2024 survey before May 10, 2024. In doing so, it is also releasing key level findings from its 2023 survey, reinforcing our commitment to engagement, transparency and accountability.

In April-May 2023, the Financial and Consumer Services Commission invited regulated entities and individuals and other stakeholders who had interacted with the Commission in the last 12 months to complete a survey. A total of 221 responses were collected from professionals across the province’s consumer and financial services sectors, including those registered or licensed to sell securities, insurance and real estate as well as mortgage brokers, credit unions, pension professionals and others. The survey’s objectives were to:

  • Measure perceptions of the Commission’s reputation.
  • Assess how stakeholders rate the Commission in terms of how it is fulfilling key aspects of its mandate.
  • Assess how the Commission consults and engages with stakeholders.

The survey was conducted, and all results analyzed, on behalf of the Commission by Thinkwell Research, an outside consulting firm. 

2023 Survey Results 

Take 10 minutes to complete our 2024 stakeholder survey before May 10, 2024 

Feedback collected from these stakeholder surveys is important in helping the Commission to measure progress and to focus efforts on enhancing its regulatory effectiveness, communication, policy development and stakeholder engagement. Please be assured that all responses will remain anonymous to allow you the opportunity to provide open, honest feedback.

The Commission’s mandate is to provide regulatory services that protect the public interest, enhance public confidence and promote understanding of the regulated sectors through education programs. Our vision is working together for regulatory excellence in financial and consumer services for New Brunswickers.

More information on survey

  • Data will be collected by Thinkwell Research, a third-party organization engaged by FCNB.
  • Responses will be tabulated in the aggregate and will never be attributed to you or to your organization.
  • The survey will close on May 10, 2024. 
  • Your answers will not be saved if you close the survey window before fully completing. Please complete the entire survey before exiting the browser.
  • If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact