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Financial Literacy Month

Did you know? Less than half of New Brunswick women say they feel confident when it comes to managing their finances.

This November, we are focusing our efforts on helping women gain confidence, take control of their personal finances and build good savings habits to help grow their financial resilience. Check out our tools and resources to help you build your financial knowledge.

New On-Demand Presentation
Invest in Yourself - A women’s guide to financial resilience
Invest in Yourself: A women’s guide to financial resilience

Financial resilience is having the ability to adapt and persevere through unexpected life events – like welcoming a new baby or a sudden illness. Help promote financial resilience within your workplace or organization with FCNB’s new on-demand presentation, Invest in Yourself: A women’s guide to financial resilience. The presentation is designed to educate women about the barriers they face and help them make a plan to take control of their financial future.

Invest in Yourself: A free webinar.
Free webinar!

For Financial Literacy Month, we are collaborating with New Brunswick’s Women’s Equality Branch to host Invest in Yourself: A presentation to empower women on the road to financial resilience

Join us as we release findings from our recent financial resilience survey and share how to use our free, on-demand presentation to help promote financial resilience within your own network.

November 23, 2022 at 2 p.m.

*Simultaneous interpretation will be available.

Tools and Resources
A mature woman smiling confidently
Invest in Yourself: A woman’s guide to building financial resilience

Women face unique financial challenges compared to men. Family status, self-confidence, gender stereotypes, and the way financial concepts are taught and discussed in the home all contribute to the gender gap. Get tips to build your financial knowledge and help close the gap.

2023 Calendar.
Download our free 2023 calendar!

Our new resource contains valuable tips and information on topics like building an emergency savings fund, checking your credit score, investing, and more. Download and print your free calendar today! 

Creating an Emergency Fund.
Creating an Emergency Fund

Have you heard of an ‘emergency fund’? Take a closer look at what steps you can take to create an emergency fund that works for you and the different types of expenses you should include in your planning.

Smart Spending.
Smart Spending

38 per cent of Canadians rank money as their greatest stress. Is that you? Learn 6 tips to help you Spend Smart and live within your means.