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Double Dip / Repeat Scam

If you've been targeted once, you’re likely to be targeted again.

How it works

If a scam artist receives money from you, they will often hold onto your contact information for future use, or sell their list of names and contact information to other scam artists for profit. After some time has passed, you’re contacted by the first scam artist or a new one. They tell you that some or all your original investment has been lost. The scam artist will say that they can help recover your lost money for a "fee." However, if you pay the fee, you’ll lose that money, too.

How to protect yourself

Never provide personal information, including credit card information, without first verifying the authenticity of the person or company asking for it.

How to report it

If you suspect you're a victim of a double-dip scam, or attempted double-dip scam, complete the FCNB Submit a Complaint form.

FCNB is responsible for the administration, education and enforcement of provincial legislation that regulates securities, insurance, pensions, credit unions and certain consumer services. If your complaint relates to an area outside of FCNB’s regulated areas, we may refer you to the appropriate reporting agency or organization.