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Caution: PrimeOakmont

New Brunswick caution list.

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB) has become aware that PrimeOakmont (, which claims to be a bitcoin-based platform offering leveraged trading on several digital assets, is accepting New Brunswick residents as clients. This entity is not registered in New Brunswick to provide such services. PrimeOakmont appears to be operating from the United Kingdom. 

New Brunswickers are urged to exercise caution when investing with PrimeOakmont or any unregistered entities or individual(s) as this presents a significant risk. Individuals and firms in the business of advising or trading in securities or derivatives in New Brunswick must be registered with FCNB. 

Learn about how registration protects investors and use the National Registration Search tool to check if an individual or firm is registered with FCNB. 

A full list of alerts and cautions is available on FCNB’s website. New Brunswickers can sign up for email notifications when new alerts or cautions are issued.