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Permission to pause: a financial self-care technique that is trending for consumers

News Release.

Only 25% of New Brunswickers know how or where to check the licence or registration of financial service providers. Even more alarming is that 65% of New Brunswickers are not aware there is an agency responsible for regulating these professionals. 

That’s why the Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick (FCNB) recently launched Permission to Pause, an awareness campaign that encourages those shopping for insurance, a new home, taking out a mortgage, or making investments, to give themselves permission to pause and check the licence and registration of their financial service providers.

“The campaign gives consumers easy access to our online registrant databases and asks registrants to reinforce the importance of checking registration as a trust-building process with their clients,” says Marissa Sollows, FCNB's Director of Communications and Public Affairs. “Permission to pause is a self-care moment - one that encourages consumers to check the licence and registration of financial service providers. This ultimately provides consumers with a layer of financial protection.”  

And while the campaign, with its nostalgic video game concept, is geared toward millennials navigating life’s biggest financial decisions—Permission to Pause applies to everyone engaging with a financial professional.

“These are relationships that are built on trust,” says Sollows. “But how do clients decide their financial professionals are worthy of trust? We think a great first step a consumer can take is to proactively check the FCNB licence and/or registration of their financial professionals.”

“Permission to Pause will help build consumer confidence and knowledge around why regulation exists, its importance and the expectation for client-side due-diligence,” says Sollows. “That’s how we help build trust in the New Brunswick financial services marketplace as a tool for prosperity and growth.” 

Learn more about the campaign.

Audio files of Marissa Sollows, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at FCNB

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The Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick (FCNB) is New Brunswick’s financial market authority. We believe in a strong and fair financial marketplace for all.

We achieve this through regulation, guidance, and enforcement. We supervise companies and professionals to ensure they meet standards for knowledge, integrity, and business practices. We also provide New Brunswickers with unbiased and trustworthy information to help them make informed spending and investing decisions. 

We aim to achieve a trusted and resilient marketplace where New Brunswickers can participate with confidence.