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Licensing Requirements - Life Licence Qualification Program

Individuals wishing to carry on business as Life Insurance Agents or Accident and Sickness Insurance Agents are required to complete the Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP). The LLQP provides a mandatory pre-licensing training course and a provincial licensing examination. To obtain a licence, you must successfully complete an LLQP course from a certified course provider, pass the provincial LLQP exam, and create an account and apply for a licence though our online portal: Access the FCNB Self-Serve Portal

The examination for the approved life, accident and sickness components of the Life Licence Qualification Course must be completed within 12 months prior to submitting the licensing application, unless the applicant held the corresponding or equivalent licence within the 24 months prior to submitting the licensing application.

A person who has not held a corresponding or equivalent licence for 24 consecutive months or more must satisfy the educational requirements.

LLQP course providers

A number of course providers have been approved in New Brunswick. Some are insurance companies who offer training only to employees. Others are educational providers and will take all candidates. Here are the approved organizations and companies who will provide the course to all candidates:

Course Provider Website address Languages
Advocis English and French
Business Career College English
Canadian Securities Institute English and French
IA Financial French
IFSE English and French
Learnedly Canada Inc. English
Oliver Publishing Inc. English and French
See Why Financial Learning English
Collège des Professions financières French
Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc. (REMIC) English

The following insurance companies are also course providers, but they provide the courses only for their own staff who are applying for a licence:

Course Provider Languages offered
Combined Insurance English and French
La Capitale English and French
Primerica English and French
Sun Life English and French

Writing the LLQP exam

After obtaining a LLQP Certificate of Completion from the course provider, the candidate must then pass the New Brunswick LLQP exam, administered by Durham College on behalf of the Financial and Consumer Services Commission. Exams may be written in person at the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre in Fredericton, NB, or an online exam sitting for each module may be scheduled. Exam dates and online registration are available on the Durham College website. Candidates can also register by telephone at 1-800-816-3615.

The LLQP exam is split into four modules and candidates must pass all modules. The pass mark is 60%. Should a candidate fail a particular module, they will be required to rewrite that module. They may rewrite the exam twice, then must wait three months for another attempt. If a fifth attempt is required, the applicant must wait another six months. The certification from a course provider is valid only for one year.

The modular exam is an open book exam. All candidates will be supplied an e-book containing approved reference material. See E-book/Reference Material section below.

After passing the provincial exam, an applicant’s marks are valid for licensing purposes for a maximum period of 12 months from the pass date. Applicants who wait longer than 12 months to apply for a licence must re-qualify.

Individuals who have not held a licence for two years must retake the LLQP course, pass the provincial exam and apply for a licence.

Exam format

The provincial LLQP exam is a multiple-choice exam. Each exam module will contain a number of questions with four answers per question. In all cases, only one answer is correct. The required score to pass a module is 60%.

Exam module questions and times

Questions Time
Life insurance    30 75 minutes
Accident and sickness insurance    30 75 minutes
Segregated funds and annuities    30 75 minutes
Ethics and professional practice (common law)    20 75 minutes
Ethics and professional practice (civil law)    20 75 minutes

For in-person examinations, all answer selections MUST be completed on the Scantron form by the candidate before the session time ends.

Exam modules for residents

Candidates for an Accident & Sickness Agent Licence must successfully complete the following modules:

  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Ethics and Professional Practice (within the context of Common Law)

Candidates for a Life Insurance Agent Licence must successfully complete the following modules:

  • Life Insurance
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Segregated Funds and Annuities
  • Ethics and Professional Practice (within the context of Common Law)

Quebec residents

All first-time applicants from Quebec must provide proof that the Ethics and Professional Practice (within the context of Common Law) 112 exam has been completed. The Ethics and Professional Practice (within the context of civil law) 111 does not fulfill this requirement.

Please note that this would also be required for applicants who were previously licensed but have not held a licence in any jurisdiction for a period of two years or more.

E-Book/Reference material for in-person exams

All candidates will be supplied an e-book containing approved reference material. These e-books will be provided to each candidate during the sign-in process on exam day. No manuals or notes are permitted at the desks during the exam. Only the test centre supplied tablets will be permitted in the exam room.

The test centre proctors are not permitted to answer questions pertaining to the content of the e-books. E-books must be returned to the test centre proctors immediately following the submission of an exam module.

Tablet User Guide - PDF  

Tablet User Guide - Video

Rules during the in-person exam

These rules have been developed to ensure a fair and equal treatment of all candidates as well as the security and integrity of the exam process:

  • Government-issued photo identification must be shown each time an exam module is written.

  • Cases, handbags, backpacks, cell phones, PDAs, Pagers, watch alarms, watches, food, and drinks are not allowed to remain at the candidate’s desk.

  • FCNB will have a “holding location” for any personal belongings, however FCNB is not responsible for these items. Please leave any valuables at home. 

  • All electronic devices must be turned off during the exam.

  • Once the exam begins, there are no breaks allowed, including washroom breaks.

  • Only tablets and paper provided by FCNB will be permitted in the exam room.

  • All answer selections MUST be “bubbled in” on the Scantron form by the candidate before the session time ends. Any answers not transferred by that time will receive a mark of zero.

  • None of the exam material may be copied, transcribed or removed from the exam room.

The proctors overseeing the exam have the authority to terminate a candidate’s exam in the event the candidate is not following the rules for the exam or is causing a disturbance to other candidates. In the event an exam needs to be terminated, the candidate forfeits their exam fee and will score a zero on the exam module. In addition, the regulator and course provider may be notified of the candidate's actions.

Under certain circumstances special arrangements may be requested for candidates writing the provincial LLQP exam. Please contact Durham College for more information.

Rules during the online exam

Durham College has outlined the rules of the online exams on their main registration page and on their Terms/Policies page.